Low-Cost Neuter Event

Help Your Male Cat Man Up and Lose His Manhood


The Animal Care Center at Granville Low-Cost Neuter Event

Tuesday, March 26

Neuter only (male cats)



Do your part to stop cat overpopulation!


The details: Bring your at least four pound and healthy cat ( no watery eyes, sneezing, or discharge from their eyes or noses) to our clinic in a carrier. Although he might beg for it, don’t give him food after 9PM the night before the procedure. (Water is okay.) If he has fleas (we hope not!) we’ll have to give him a flea pill and we’ll need to charge you. Feral cats will cost an additional $10; please alert us when scheduling if your cat is feral. We can provide complimentary ear tipping via laser for feral kitties. If you’re interested in other services such as FeLV/FIV testing and vaccines, they’re available at an additional cost. 


Call 740.587.2229 to schedule and receive your assigned drop off time. Unfortunately, we can’t accept walk-ins. We believe in spaying female cats to help stop cat overpopulation, too, but this is a male/neuter-only event. If you bring a female cat, we’ll be unable to do the surgery. This is a one-time offer; we’re unable to reschedule for a later date at the event price.


Call now, 740.587.2229, and get your spot before they’re all gone!


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