Pet Food & Supplies

At The Animal Care Center at Granville, we take nutrition very seriously.  We feel that many health issues, including chronic ear and anal gland problems, dry skin and poor haircoat, can be impacted in a positive way by proper, quality nutrients in the pet's diet.  Every pet has different nutritional requirements ranging from a young, growing puppy or kitten to our senior pets.  Each pet's lifestyle and activity level must also be evaluated.  For these reasons, we are constantly assessing the products we carry, and strive to bring affordable, high quality diets to your pets.  Many of our foods include supplements such as glucosamine and chrondroitin, pre and probiotics and the essential Omega 3 fatty acids.  We have foods for general maintenance, products that are limited ingredient and those that are grain free.  We also stock or can order prescription pet foods such as Hill's, Royal Canin, Purina and Iams. 

We also stock a variety of limited ingredient treats, specialty dental products, holistic supplements, Thundershirts and safe, healthy toys for your pet as well as Amish made quality leather leashes.  Stop in today and view our inventory!


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