Alternative Medicine

As our profession is continually growing and evolving, we are open to new concepts in the treatment and well being of your pet. We offer some unique alternative treatment methods for conditions ranging from cancer and allergies to epilepsy.

Black Tumor Salve – Dr. Morris has been working with black tumor salve (bloodroot) for several years now. This treatment is offered as an alternative to conventional surgery, radiation and chemotherapy in some benign and malignant tumor cases. Oral osteosarcoma and certain mast cell tumors seem to respond well to the protocol of topical and oral products. Pictured below is an eight year old female spayed Labrador Retriever who was diagnosed with oral osteosarcoma in October, 2006. Following several treatments, she was off all medication, still had her lower mandible(jaw), caught a frisbee and had a great life for many years after her treatment was completed.  Please call the office to schedule a consultation with your pet regarding alternative cancer therapy.

Oral osteosarcoma prior to any treatment Oral osteosarcoma after 30 minutes of black tumor salve application under general anesthesia
Oral osteosarcoma 1 week after first treatment Oral osteosarcoma 1 week after third black tumor salve treatment










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