Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinating your pet is one of the most important steps in preventative medicine. Our vaccination protocols follow the latest recommendations by the American Animal Hospital Association and the Academy of Feline Practitioners.  When your pet is young, we help build immunity to disease through a series of injections over a number of weeks. After the series has been completed, annual vaccinations  appropriate to your pet's lifestyle are given  to help maintain that immunity.

Vaccinations For Dogs


For canines, vaccinations help protect against distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, corona virus, canine influenza and Lyme disease.  The bordetella vaccination is for kennel cough.  Not all dogs receive all vaccines each pet owner is questioned regarding their dog's lifestyle and potential for disease exposure before recommendations are made for a specific vaccine protocol.  Rabies vaccination is required by Ohio law and given to all puppies and adult dogs based on the manufacturer's recommended frequency.  Due to the abundant wildlife in the Granville area, leptospirosis vaccine is highly recommended for your dog.

Whenever available, we used state of the art recombinant technology vaccinations.  These vaccines are the safest on the market for your pet.



Vaccinations For Cats

Felines receive feline rhinotracheitis, calici, panleukopenia and chlamydia psittaci.


Kittens and adult cats are vaccinated against diseases such as feline panleukopenia (parvo), feline viral rhinopneumonitis, Chlamydia, and calicivirus in an all in one vaccine.  Feline Leukemia virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) are other available vaccinations. Leukemia vaccination is highly recommended in cats that go outdoors, and are in potential contact with other cats.

Only recombinant technology vaccines are administered to our feline friends.

When To Vaccinate Your Pet

All puppies and kittens require vaccinations beginning between ages 7 to 8 weeks old and then every 3 weeks until age 16 weeks (4 months of age).  Vaccinations are then usually done on an annual basis. 


Types of Vaccinations

Rabies vaccine is usually done when the puppy or kitten is at least 3 months of age. Rabies vaccinations are repeated in one year after the initial vaccine and then annually or every 3 years depending upon the rabies vaccine used.

Corona virus and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines are administered as an option in those dogs exposed to a large groups (such as a kennel, dog training class, or dog show).  Of these diseases, parainfluenza, hepatitis (viral liver disease) and some varieties of leptospirosis are rarely seen because of routine vaccination.

Leptospirosis is a highly contagious organism shed in the urine of various wildlife and domestic cattle.  There are many strains and they target the sensitive liver and kidneys in our canine patients.  Annual vaccination is highly recommended. 

We also have vaccines available for Lyme disease and canine influenza.  Our vaccine protocols are structured to your pet's individual needs and lifestyle. 

Contact us to discuss which type of vaccines are recommended for use in our area, as well as  the recommended frequency of administration. 



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