In House Diagnostic Services

Bloodwork—Services include:

  • Pre-Anesthetic
  • Thyroid
  • Glucose Evaluation
  • Bile Acids



Urinalysis and In House Culture
Parasitology/Fecal Analysis

General Health Profile—In the care of your pet, we encourage a general health profile in order to evaluate the function of the internal organs. We feel that this gives us an excellent assessment of your pet's health and helps detect early signs of disease as well as provides us with a baseline for normal for your individual pet.

Urinalysis—Poor urinary health can lead to inappropriate urination, frequent mistakes, embarrassment and many other problems. Checking your pet's urine can help diagnose any infections or problems your pet may be having with its urinary system.

Cytology—We recommend our cytological services if your pet has a lump or growth, discharge, or red, infected or odiferous ears. After taking a sample from the affected area, we examine it under a high-powered microscope to help diagnose your pet's ailments.

Parasitology/Fecal Analysis—It is recommended to check your young pet for parasites that cannot be seen by the naked eye. All puppies are born with roundworms no matter how well their mother was taken care of. This fact makes an intestinal parasite analysis all the more important. We can quickly decide which dewormer would best suit your pet. A heavy burden of parasites can cause your pet to have a poor hair coat, lose weight, be lethargic and a number of other problems.


Radiographs—Radiographs help us locate broken bones, obstructions, heart disease and many other problems your pet may have.  Our digital radiology services allow instant visualization.  Radiographs may then easily be transferred to a CD or sent to a specialist for consult.



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